• We are scheduled to fly out of France on May 31st and land
    in Niamey, Niger on June 1st. After spending a few days there to
    obtain our visas and buy supplies, we hope to drive down to Benin.
    Lord willing, the clinic ministry will begin operations in July,
    and the official opening ceremony is scheduled for August 12th.

  • A shipment of clinic supplies including medicines, X-ray batteries,
    and building supplies arrived in Niger in May after some delays. We are
    very thankful for hard work by the Marshall, Haynes, and Ovenell families
    who helped coordinate this any so many other items to prepare for our

  • We have been able to order some other medicines in Benin, but are
    still praying about buying more malaria tests and IV fluids in Benin
    within the first couple of months after our arrival.

  • We had shipped an old donated ultrasound machine and an old X-ray
    machine from the US to Benin last fall. We found that neither of them
    is in working condition currently. We are praying that God would allow
    us to repair both machines with parts we have purchased for this
    purpose. We feel it would be a great asset to the medical
    ministry if the Lord provides the funds for us to purchase a
    new portable ultrasound machine at a discounted non-profit price of
    about $10,000 (this includes 2 ultrasound probes).

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